Secure Ubuntu 12.04 Server?

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    Building Secure Ubuntu 12.04 Server!?
    I'm trying to get a feedback - I've been figure out how to build a secure ubuntu server 12.04 - only running boinc-client, reachable from the internet.

    Please point me in the right direction.. You don't need to talk me through step by step, just comment my suggestion ;)

    In short:
    Want to build secure ubuntu 12.04 server, only running:
    Ubuntu Server 12.04
    sendmail/postfix - protection against spammers???
    shell-script ( monitor/shutdown - warning via email - use sendmail or postfix???)

    1a. Running a shell script which monitors CPUtemp. Need a mailprogram to send/smtp alert mails from the CPUtemp shell script. Sendmail? Postfix? Included in Ubuntu Server!?!
    1b. Because of "1a" I need some kind of protection of the mail client???
    2. Need some kind of program to view log-files/server status or how is several log-files usually viewed!?! Any ideas?

    #1 Install and configure Firewall - ufw
    #2 Secure shared memory - fstab
    #3 SSH - Disable root login and change port
    #4 Protect su by limiting access only to admin group
    #5 Harden network with sysctl settings
    #6 Scan logs and ban suspicious hosts - DenyHosts and Fail2Ban
    #7 Intrusion Detection - PSAD
    #8 Check for RootKits - RKHunter and CHKRootKit
    #9 Scan open Ports - Nmap
    #10 Analyse system LOG files - LogWatch
    #11 SELinux - Apparmor
    #12 Audit your system security - Tiger

    #13 Amavisd-new
    #14 SpamAssassin
    #15 Clamav

    #0 Change The Default Shell --> /bin/bash ???

    I made one other post regarding this matter, but no one has answered. Maybe it was too long, I don't know. I hope this short version will be easier to handle ;)

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