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Discussion in 'General' started by TonyG, Oct 7, 2020.

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    My secondary/slave/mirror system isn't getting sync data from the primary.
    In the primary:
    - Systems>Server shows the secondary as an Active Mirror, and it shows a third webserver.
    - Monitor>System Status does show the secondary with no warnings.
    - Tools>Resync does not show the secondary in the list of active servers.
    - Logs do not show anything interesting ... Except:
    - The data log history shows the last update from primary to secondary was a week ago. There is no data about error events around that period.

    So note: It WAS working, until it was not.

    On the secondary:
    - A third web server system doesn't show in the list of Systems.
    - None of the websites configured in that system are in the list of sites on the secondary.
    - There are no logs shown in Monitor, even for local events.

    I do think I created the web server and sites after the last data log noted above. So it makes sense that if it broke last week that the secondary will not show anything since then.

    Yes, I have resync'd on both systems, waited for the data transfer and log to clear.

    I am planning to do another complete refresh of this network in a couple days. But I'd like to know how to diagnose what is wrong.
    There's no log of MySQL controller queries or responses?

    Thanks as always.
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  3. till

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    The secondary is a mirror with database mirroring as described in the mirror tutorials? If yes, did you change /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ on the secondary mirror to point to the local representation of the master database? the interface must always point to the master database or a mirrored copy of the master database, it may not point to a slave database. The server part of the mirror server, points to the local slave database though.

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