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    I've set up a secondary server and all services appear to be running well. I've set it up as per the debian perfect guide using mydns. What I'm not sure about is how to get the second server to act as a secondary name server for the first?
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    Go to sysstem > server services, select the secondary server settings and there in the "Is mirror of Server" option field select the primary server. ispconfig will then mirror all new records and changes that you create on the primary server to the mirror server automatically. Please be aeare that you have to select this setting before you start to create recoirds as only new records will be mirrored.
  3. Toucan

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    Thanks Till, but what if I want it just to act as a secondary name server, for example, to act as the secondary name server but to host it's own unique web services? Is this possible or just getting too complicated?
  4. till

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    This is possible, ybut you will have to switch from mydns to bind dns server at least on the secondary. Using bind on the master and slave might be better as mydns has sometimes sync problems with bind servers as it sends resync notifications only on restart to the slaves. If you use bind, then let the mirror setting disabled in ispconfig and create secondary records in the dns manager instead.
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    Thanks Till,

    OK, the scenario is I now have a more powerfull server in a datacenter and I want this to host most services.

    Your advise on the following plan is appreciated;

    • I will migrate all current sites and email to the new server
    • I will set the old server as mirror of the new one
    • The new server will be the primary DNS server using mydns
    • The old server willl be the secondary DNS server using mydns and ispconfig's replication to obtain the DNS records

    I will copy the websites by creating a new domain on the new server by a slightly different name and copy the content across.. tried with no problems.

    Most of the email domains are accessed via pop so there should be no content in them so that won't be a problem either. What I'm not sure how to do, is once I've transfered the email mailboxes across I won't know the passwords to assign to the customers. How would you suggest I do that part without having to reset all the mailbox password? Are these stored in a db that I could just copy across later manually or similar?

    Any ideas appreciated.


    note - ispconfig control panel will remain on the old server that will be the mirror.
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