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    I need to know. It is possible to create a second server based on Ubuntu 9.10 with ISPConfig 2 as secondary server with another public IP.
    Idea is:
    Now I have one web hosting server on Ubuntu 9.10 ISPConfig 2. And I want to create a second server as a recovery or secondary server. For expl. if the first server is down all my clients can use my secondary server.

    It is possible to create and how I can to do this?

    Big thnks.
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  3. Captain

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    OK. But how I can clone my web server. For expl. I have ISPConfig with ubuntu 9.10 and I have another server with ubuntu 9.10. And I want to mirror my primary web server with ISPConfig to my secondary. After that I have two servers with the same systems and configurations. How I can to do this? DRBD? But how to correctly clone my server without interraptions and errors, because my primary server have apr. 20 clients.

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    I'd use rsync and MySQL replication.

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