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  1. Óscar M.

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    Hello @all!

    I have a 2 ispconfigs on multiserver setup SRV1 & SRV2.
    Both SRV1 SRV2 has diferents webs, databases and mails.

    My problem is when i want to configure DNS like SRV1 as master and SRV2 as slave. The only aproach I've seen was uncheck al services on SRV2 and select to duplicate from SRV1, but I'm afraid this wont work because i have diferent services on both machines.

    Also been playing with the "Secondary DNS Zone" with no luck.

    It is posible to have 2 separate servers (in multiserver setup) but just a master-slave DNS setup?

    Thank you!
  2. till

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    The secondary zone feature is the way to go. Set the Ip if the second server in the allow transfer to field of the primary zone. then add a secondary zone on the second server and bind will transfer all zone data automatically and keep it in sync.
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  3. Óscar M.

    Óscar M. New Member

    It worked! Thanks
  4. Th0m

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