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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Eric Bryant, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Eric Bryant

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    I have installed ispconfig3 on ubuntu 16.04 using the perfect server guide. I only used standard install on the "primary" server. everything functions as expected with all "optional" steps in the guide. now my question is, can i spin up a secondary ispconfig using the same steps, and then use expert mode when actually installing ISP config to set the proper variables to make it a secondary? the only guide i found was a multiserver with 5 servers. I just want a secondary dns to act as a part of my public facing name servers to resolve our hosted servers. It works already using just one, but the boss wants best practices enforced so here i am!
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    1) Create a mysql root user in mysql on the master that is allowed to connect from IP and hostname of the new slave.
    2) Prepare the second server, no matter if you use the perfect server guide or install just some services.
    3) Install ISPConfig in expert mode on the slave and choose to join the master.
    4) In ISPconfig, select the second server to be a mirror of the first one under System > server services.

    Now all dns records that you create or update on the first server will get created or updated on the slave too.
  3. Eric Bryant

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    excellent, so on that note.
    question 1: can i just use the root user i set up during the install of ispconfig (primary/master)? i just need a bit of elaboiration on this part as im not as skilled in sql as i would like to be.
    question 2: for the secondary, can i just follow the setup guide up to, and including the "bind install" steps, then just skip to the ispconfig install section? or are there necessary steps that need to be completed to get ispconfig running that are after the bind installation step.
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  4. Eric Bryant

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    sorry, got it haha, just read the turtorial a bit more and now i got it. had to create a mysql root on the master under the fqdn and ip of my secondary, then the rest went smoothly, thank you!
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