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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by felan, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. felan

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    Hi Till and others.

    We have a developer working on a new order portal and he has run in to some issues, see bugtracker 5281. I have been folllowing it, but no news is up on it. Any idea why this is happening.

    A recap for people not on the bugtracker:
    I have 2 DNS servers set. Logged as admin, when i try to add a secondary dns zone with my second DNS server it is added but with an empty server field where it should have the secondary dns server in there. The two servers (in our case, server1 and are not mirrors of each other. Server1 is primary dns and server2 is secondary dns and set up as such in ispconfig. Right now we have to create the secondary zone manually.

    Please advice on the debug, as our developer is monitoring that one.
  2. till

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    Works fine here in current git-stable-3.1, there was an issue in the SQL code which I changed now, but it worked here nonetheless. Run this SQL query in dbispconfig and check if both dns servers show up:

    SELECT server_id,server_name FROM server WHERE dns_server = 1 AND mirror_server_id = 0 ORDER BY server_name

    The only conditions are that the server is a DNS server and that it is not a mirror.
  3. felan

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    Thanks. I'll send him the info :)

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