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    I have a server and have 2 sites that need the ssl certs to be renewed or reinstalled on them.. I have renewed site1 and it works just as it should.. site2 does not.. both sites had ssl up and running but they expired both were with go daddy. site1 I renewed and is working the site2I deleted and bought a new cert with another company. when I run the ssl checked for site2 it stated the following..

    None of the common names in the certificate match the name that was entered ( You may receive an error when accessing this site in a web browser. Learn more about name mismatch errors

    it looks like it sees the first site and not the second site..

    this is the way I created the rsa

    I have decrypted the rsa and the domain name is correct in the rsa file and all the info on the ssl issuing company is correct and it is linked to the site but I am still seeing site 1 go daddy ssl for site2

    thanks is advance

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    Most likely, site 2 has no SSL at the moment, that's why you see site 1 when you try to access site 2 by SSL. Ensure that you set the correct new ssl cert and new key and new ssl bundle on the SSL tab of site 2, then choose 'save certificate' in the action field and press save. SSL cannot be enabled when the key and cert does not match, so when you buy a new ssl cert and use a different CSR for that, then you must also set the key which was used to generate the csr, otherwise apache cannot open the new cert and therefore ssl can not be activated.
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    thank you for the reply.. I found that the private key was remove and the the rsa file installed under the ssl key area. so to correct the issue I deleted everything for that sites ssl cert and then created a new cert with ispconfig then used the new rsa to make the new ssl ask installed and everything went as expected...

    thanks again


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