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  1. mumbly

    mumbly Member

    Hi !

    On the first connection on ISPConfig admin with HTTPS, i've got this error on a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 i386 desktop AND a fresh ISPConfig install on an Ubuntu 8.04 server i386 :
    Invalid certificate
    same serial number as another one . Please get another one with a unique number (translated from french ...)

    I've seen on the Net that i should delete some certificates in Firefox ... but which ones ?
    In fact i can not delete certificates : they are "back" when i restart Firefox ...

    Any idea ???

    THANX !!!
  2. falko

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  3. mumbly

    mumbly Member

    Yes ! it works !
    I was mistaken because i thought it was a firefox problem ...
    Thanx a lot falko ! :)

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