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    Heya All,

    I need to deploy a scalable (I'm starting with 1 server but will move to multiple servers eventually) Linux email hosting system with the following characteristics:

    1. Virtual Domains and Users - Must be in a MySQL, POSTgres, or Oracle database so it can be moved to a dedicated server eventually

    2. Supports POP-3 and IMAP with security (SSL/TLS)

    3. Supports individual user prefs for its Anti-Spam solution in the same database format as #1 above for the same reason

    4. Offers webmail so users can access thier mail and user prefs that way (i.e. a web mail system that is tied into the SQL databases)

    5. Sends each user a report on emails caught as spam and allows them to release any they want to be delivered to them OR puts each users spam into a folder they can access via IMAP and web mail. It is critical that users be able to see what has been caught as spam (its for an advertising environment and what is spam but unwanted advertising? So there are a ton of technically "false positives" from any spam filter when the sales guys are sending ad copy to/from clients)

    6. Provides Anti-Virus (multiple engines would be cool)

    7. Perfect world: Keeps the mail itself in the same database as #1 above so that can easily be moved to a dedicated server

    8. Perfect world: Does it all on CentOS 5 (32 or 64 bit)

    9. Has an easy-to-use administration setup. Multiple tools is fine, but I would like a tool for every task (i.e. I would rather avoid hand-editing configuration files) including for the non-admin users to set thier preferences etc.

    10. Allows users to maintain thier own white lists. See #5 above for why.

    There's probably more things I would like but thats enough for now :)

    I have read every single email related How-to in the forge, and searched these forums too. I find lots of bits and pieces, but nothing that does it all (especially missing is #5). I'm not a Linux guru by any means, e.g. adapting a Debian How-To to CentOs is not going to be a strength with me.

    Is there anyone out there that knows of documentation on how to do all this? Did I miss something here on the forge? I've read till my eyeballs bleed but I certainly could have missed something...


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