search english guy for my linux distribution

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by darklez, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. darklez

    darklez New Member

    Hi all , and excuse my english i'm new on this forum and a french linux user , so excuse my english , i'm french .

    So my question and my request is to find a english men , who is ready to composing a english groups for making the english version of my linux distribution project , also into the distribution language and a website .

    so please , i hope a english guy on the forum , who is patient and ready to do this on this forum .

    My linux distribution , is a console linux distribution , i can explain more at this men , if one is ready to go to this adventure with our french groups who have already begin the distribution .

    so i hope a men coming and be ready for this adventure on this beautiful linux forum .

    darklez , chief of Dinus-project :

    sorry , the website of the project is in french . hope to a english version :)
  2. darklez

    darklez New Member

    so please , speak with simple english word , because my english word are not many .
  3. MisterVlad

    MisterVlad New Member

    My french is horrible, tres horrible... but I do have a friend who is fluent in about 5 languages, and french being his 2nd language. if you wna to send a private message to me, and I will give it to him to translate for me, and I may be able to help you from there.

    <french translated by Google Translate - I hope it translates well>
    Mon français est horrible, horrible tres ... Mais j'ai un ami qui parle couramment 5 langues environ, et le français étant son 2ème langue. Si vous wna pour envoyer un message privé à moi, et je le lui donner à traduire pour moi, et je pourrais être en mesure de vous aider à partir de là.
  4. darklez

    darklez New Member

    ok why not , but i want a real guy for this job at full time and to join our team , for a english version of the site and many thing i our team .

    so if you can tell this at your friend ?....

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