ScrolloutF1 - Configure An Email Gateway With Scrollout F1 Anti-Spam & DLP

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by biggdog, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. biggdog

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    I just felt I had to say this is without a doubt the best system I have come across. I may not be the most informed when it comes to stopping spam and setting up Linux boxes but I will say this thing after I got it set up with the help of the owner/creator "Marius" I have no spam That's right no spam. I have Astaro software firewall and a debian mailserver both are collecting my mail and I was still getting 6 - 10 messages a day not to mention my wife getting more. At this time nothing.
    My setup is unique. I do not have a static IP address so I must go through Dyndns and they send my mail through port 2525. The dns service also sends my mail from their addresses which means ALL of my mail has pretty much the same IP Addresses on them so it makes for some trouble when trying to stop spam.

    Great work for the Author and creator Marius E. Gologan and the HowtoForge people.
  2. biggdog

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    Sorry if I made it sound like total magic.
    I was in the process of learning how to set up a cron job for SA Learn, so I have been saving ALL my messages HAM and SPAM for almost a week. While doing so I turned off my protection in Astaro for mail so I would get more SPAM.

    Once this project was installed I was able to feed it a ton of messages.
    That was that.

    Please give it a try this thing has been the only thing that has ever worked for me with my situation.
  3. Onyxtacular

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    SrolloutF1 - Close...still waiting for the Cigar

    I've installed ScrolloutF1 at the end of the installation is says to login using a browser. I did so and get this:

    But there isn't a place to login....
  4. biggdog

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    so you opened a new browser window and then typed in the ip address you gave scrollout F1 "" and nothing happened?

    I installed this onto a separate computer so when I was finished installing it I went to my main computer and opened up Firefox and typed in and it then asked me for the username and password.

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