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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by provell, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. provell

    provell New Member

    Hy all,

    After using ISPCONFIG for half a year I saw that I needed to upgrade the installation from 2.2.2 to 2.2.6.

    To keep a long story short, here are the steps and missteps taken:
    1. Connected via putty/ssh.
    2. Started the upgrade to 2.2.3
    3. Connection got lost/broken(due to my windows pc update reboot)
    4. Connected again via putty/ssh
    5. Started the upgrade again.
    6. Upgrade finished succesvol but the database DB_ISPCONFIG was deleted.
    7. Restored the database from /temp/existing..... and everything worked:D
    8. Started the upgrade to 2.2.4

    This did not work and I ended up with errors.
    Here's the end of my ispconfig installation log:
    Thu Aug 10 19:40:32 CEST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - created backup of directory /root/ispconfig/
    Thu Aug 10 20:03:14 CEST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - WARNING: could not create backup of directory /home/admispconfig/
    Thu Aug 10 20:03:16 CEST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - deleted directory /root/ispconfig/
    Thu Aug 10 20:03:42 CEST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - WARNING: could not unpack ISPConfig system
    Thu Aug 10 20:03:50 CEST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - ERROR: The PHP binary coming with ISPConfig does not work properly on your system! The installation routine stops here!

    Before I do an installation again I thougt it was a good idea to ask the forum what the next best step is, before I scew things up completely:(

    If anyone has some advise for me I would be verry happy.
    Thanks in advance.

    Rgds Edo
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    First, you can do the update from 2.2.2 to 2.2.6 in one step, no need to install 2.2.3, 2.2.4, and 2.2.5...

    From which directory are you trying to do the update? Do you try as root?
    What's the output of
    df -h
  3. provell

    provell New Member

    disk fulle

    Hy Falco, Thanks for the response!:)

    And yes after searching the forum for a solution I now know that i can upgrade to 2.2.6 in one time.
    I will do that in the future.

    The response of the "df -h" command was:
    websrv1:~# df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda1 36G 34G 320M 100% /
    tmpfs 126M 0 126M 0% /dev/shm

    I am verry sure that I do not host 34G of data.:cool:
    First I wil figure out in what directory the polution of data is.
    Delete that data and try again(this time straigt to 2.2.6).

    Would that be the best thing to do?
    Should I look at something different before I start?

    Rgds Edo
  4. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    you can do a
    du -hs
    from / to see which takes the most space, change to that dir and do the same (and repeat until you found what you are looking for ;) )
  5. provell

    provell New Member

    good tip

    Thanks Ben,:D

    This wil verry much speed up the process.:cool:
    Du to you're tip I now found a zip file of 16GB in the /tmp folder.
    Name: home_admispconfig_08_10_2006__06_37_30.tar.gz

    The /home folder was also 18GB, so that would explain the "no disk space".
    I do however think the zip file should not be there anymore.
    Maybe something left behind?
    Or should I be aware of double disk usage with ispconfig?

    Anyway after I deleted this and clean up the home folder I wil do an installation again.
    Hope this wil bring everyting back online.:)

    Rgds Edo
  6. provell

    provell New Member

    it's ispconfig again

    I did a "du -h" command in the home folder.
    The output was a bit stange again.

    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/a5b536a9f23ed02f4ea9fc2ca5af8190
    82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/b173026badad3f9eabc4ff16ab77f19f
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/b92c6af13b5656b9cde9fd01f469ca31
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/02993aaf5a5b9d15084c439b9c054ce2
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/3925010d39c524128b0bd2c5aff564c9
    82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/c65b262aa9e6ad3800e9d02be0f8a77a
    82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/e739e661b09a09b966bd14b094b61b5
    85M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/16aed89f3bd62ac53281e58767387797
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/a84749fc9e34718b9b4907ada99476d8
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/baab0e1367bfab3e0fb4c64803ba8d21
    2.1G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/51e76053ae83c684384ad95ed407cf29
    82M ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp/3a674aa6a0beda97c4f03f51cd017833
    16G ./admispconfig/ispconfig/temp

    Of course I just show you the big files and not all the output.
    Are thes files necesery.
    Can the be deleted? The are in a temp folder, so...

    My www folder was as it should be.
    201M ./www

    Could anybody tell me if I can sagely everything in the ispconfig temp directory?

    Thanks in advance

    Rgds Edo
  7. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I would say yes, looks like session stuff?!
  8. provell

    provell New Member

    Its working

    Okee, I did an install again.
    After wainting through the whole install I ended up with a perfecty working system again!!!!:D :D

    Thanks for all the help.;)

    Rgds Edo

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