SCO OpenServer Error - there are not enough disk resources

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ghimanshu, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. ghimanshu

    ghimanshu New Member


    My System configuration is as:
    IDE Hrad Disk = 80GB
    RAM = 512MB

    While doing installation of SCO Open Server 5.0.7, I got stuck at second phase (i.e. IQM). During this phase, I selected for "Fresh" installtion and after that go for "Customizing Partitions and FileSystems". But it automatically takes "Total available space on disk = 159MB". Of 159MB, it alocates 64 MB to root(/). Now Optional Software size goes beyond the size of root . So, I now I have two options:

    1) I can increase the size of root , or
    2) I can reduce the size of "Optional Software Selection"

    As i cannot increase the size of root because it shows "Total available space on disk = 159 MB", which is unalterable. Initially, it takes 320MB for "Optional Software", which is 256 MB greater than root. Now I reduced the size of "Optional Software" to 54 MB by deselecting all the softwres which are initially selected.

    But as i proceed further, it displays an error saying -
    "There are not enough disk resources"
    For root (/) filesystem, space needed = 127MB

    So, anyone can help me out.
  2. falko

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