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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by RKB, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I am building a web server which I want to Host about 18 websites, two are based on Magento software and two are Based on GeoClassifieds software.

    The processor is an AMD Quad core

    Currently I have 4 500GB Sata Hard drives in a RAID 10 Array, I started out with the 4 drives being Brand New Western Digital, but within 7 days two of the WD drives died. I have replaced them with a couple of Samsung 500 GB Drives that I had in the cupboard.

    I am getting 'Warnings' Server is under high load (currently there are no sites on it )from the ISPConfig3.0.3 dashboard, so I need some info on Server HDD's:

    1) should the capacity be smaller
    2) Is there a special Spec
    3) Which brand and model

    Any info gratefully received

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  2. mmidgett

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    I believe that your hard drive is not causing this. It may be just a bug. Log into your terminal and enter the command 'top' and check your system load there.
    If you have never used TOP before the exit command is 'q'

    To test your hard drives Google hdparm and the test parameters.
  3. mmidgett

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    You can also use the 'ps' command to see what process are running high load.

    You didn't specify how much memory. Quad core and 7200rpm drives and 4 to 8 gigs of memory should be not causing any problems I use an old HP DL380 2 dual core opteroms 2.8 and 4 gigs of memory using 3 virtual servers. 2 DNS and one for WEB/MAIL....etc. I have 1 gig allocated to all 3 and I haven't had any real issues. I only have 5 clients but they are all ecommerce sites using a mysql data base.
  4. RKB

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    The Processor is AMD Phenom II x 4 955 3200Mhz

    Memory is 6 GB DDRII

    Drives 7200 RPM

    For Server operation am I better off using small capacity, say 100GB, high speed 7200rpm or 10000rpm drives
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