SASL username not exist (spammer)

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Captain, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Have some problem with email.
    In log file I find this:

    Feb 17 18:38:25 srv postfix/smtpd[4240]: connect from []
    Feb 17 18:38:25 srv postfix/smtpd[4240]: C4E2D4F03A3: [], sasl_method=LOGIN, sasl_username=srv3_test
    Feb 17 18:38:25 srv postfix/cleanup[4391]: C4E2D4F03A3: message-id=<[email protected]>
    Feb 17 18:38:25 srv postfix/qmgr[3723]: C4E2D4F03A3: from=<[email protected]>, size=1185, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    Feb 17 18:38:25 srv postfix/smtpd[4240]: disconnect from []

    it is repeat every 2-5 min. I have mail server and hosting panel ISPConfig. I had user srv3_test, but its deleted.
    Why this user have sasl login?
    It is spammer or something else?

    Thnak you!
    Best regards,
  2. Captain

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    Find! :)

    It is Mail Queue in Postfix.

    Thank you.

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