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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by quentusrex, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. quentusrex

    quentusrex New Member

    Can someone post a sample dns zone configuration for ISPConfig 3? I seem to not be able to get the proper value for 'email' set right. also the dns transer setting.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Full Email:

    This notation for email addressesis used ny all DNS Servers including BIND.
  3. skeldof

    skeldof New Member

    Using the sample program from mydns, a simple domain ends up looking like:
    $TTL 86400
    ; Zone: newdomain.tld. (#3)
    ; Wed Nov  5 10:11:24 2008
    $ORIGIN newdomain.tld.
    @       IN SOA  ns1.yourdomain.tld.     hostmaster.yourdomain.tld. (
            1                 ; Serial
            28800             ; Refresh
            7200              ; Retry
            604800            ; Expire
            86400           ) ; Minimum
    *               86400   IN A  
    localhost       86400   IN A  
    mail            86400   IN A  
    newdomain.tld.  86400   IN A  
    newdomain.tld.  86400   IN MX           10 mail.newdomain.tld.
    newdomain.tld.  86400   IN NS           ns1.yourdomain.tld.
    newdomain.tld.  86400   IN NS           ns2.yourdomain.tld.
    www             86400   IN A  
    In this example "newdomain.tld" is the domain being created. "yourdomain.tld" is the hosting domain having the name servers. is the IP of the (ISPConfig) server hosting mail and website.

    So, how does that relate to ISPConfig3's GUI?
    $ORIGIN relates to "Zone (SOA)" input. Which is the domain being created, obviously ;)

    "NS" and "email" inputs are on the "@ IN SOA.." line. NS is the primary name server hosting the domain. Email is the email address of the domain creator which here is "[email protected]". Note how the @ is replaced by a dot so the local part of the e-mail address has to be a single word.

    Serial number is the identifier for the domain. ISPConfig automatically manages this for you (using the unix timestamp).

    Refresh/retry/expire/minimum/ttl are timeouts in seconds.

    "Allow Zone transfers" are for using AXFR to transfer the domain to other non-mydns DNS servers. Enter IPs or ranges here for which servers can access this data. See and for more details. Although this documentation isn't upto-date. I believe MyDNS-NG has added support for IXFR. Sample bind config and more details about AXFR here:

    Rest of the lines are the RR records. Not sure why added a localhost entry. These pretty much map to the items in ISPConfig's Record editing screen. "newdomain.tld." is to MyDNS what @ is to Bind.

    Pay special attention to the location of trailing dots.
  4. quentusrex

    quentusrex New Member

    Is anyone able to use the dns wizard to create a zone? I still can't seem it make it work right. It just says "Zone has a invalid format."
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The DNS whizard is not implemented yet. If you want to add a dns record, click on "Add new DNS zone (SOA)" in the dns manager to add a zone.
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Maybe there is a misunderstanding, the dns whizard is a feature request (see bugtracker) which I'am working on at the moment. I did not upload it to svn, so you most likely mean the normal dns form. Creating dns records with this form works fine, I guess you missed to add a dot at the end of the zone (see post from skeldorf above).
  7. quentusrex

    quentusrex New Member

    It turns out that the SOA value isn't suppose to be '2008110601' value...

    Here is an example of the three values the current system requires:

  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    SOA = start of authority or in other words the domain name.
  9. quentusrex

    quentusrex New Member

    Yeah, it seems that after I dug through the source for the dns form(not till's new form) that it doesn't work the way I thought. I assumed that the validators would check for the trailing .'s and if they were missing would report an error.

    I'm looking forward to Till's new dns wizard. I'll also budget some time to help get sensible errors and validation checks installed in the new system.

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