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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by provell, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to get a Debian/etch server running with Samba.
    After reading dozens of tutorials and watching 12 hours of video tutorials I still cant find what I am looking for.:confused:

    Samba is verry complex and can do a lot of things.
    All I want is a network share in which I can create dirctory's and files, than set windows file permissions on it from my windows box.
    (This of course after mapping a share to the drive as administrator)
    Then several people can logon with there own account and do or do not have acces to the files and directory's on the share.
    So nothing fancy...;)

    Using a normal windows server this is about the most basic and simple thing there is possible. However I can not get this done with samba.

    There is of course the problem that samba/linux uses a different way of setting file and directory acces but as far as I know it could be done.
    I even setup "acl" support on my ext3 partition but still no luck.
    Have tryed hundreds of smb.conf configurations, but....

    After reading and learning this much on samba I am more lost than ever.
    All tutorials talk about creating a share where then every authenticated user that has permission can read/write.
    The only restrictions can be made on that share but not downwards in subdirectory's or on the files. This would result in setting up a share for every different purpose and that is madness of course.:eek:

    If anybody could point me to a Debian/HOWTO that shows me how to set up a simple share on which I can set windows ACL restriction I would be verry happy.

    Thanks in advace...;)

    Rgds Edo

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