Samba user-level security question - valid/invalid users

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by gregi, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. gregi

    gregi New Member

    Hi all, a quick question for you about setting up user permissions in samba.

    Assuming user-level security, when you specify valid users for a particular share, do all other users not on this list automatically become invalid?

    I've googled this for a while, but all I could find was the same description in every single article dealing with this... use valid users to grant access, and invalid users to deny. The wording is (at least to me) always unclear on what happens with users that are not on either of these lists.

    My gut feeling is that as soon as you specify one valid user, all others are by default not permitted. The only use for the invalid user list would be perhaps to exclude a single user from a particular group that is on the valid list. A quick test on my home server seems to confirm this, but I would rather have this confirmed by outside sources as well :) ... It seems strange that this is not explained in greater detail in any of the many articles on samba security

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