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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by nightwar, Sep 2, 2010.

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    I was wondering if this is possible:

    We have a 2003 SBS Server serving active directory, exchange,sharepoint,etc.

    I would like to setup a samba server to store the roaming profiles on. I want the functions of the current SBS 2003 server to be intact, meaning i do not want to make samba a PDC.

    Is there a way, after authentication that the client computer can authenticate to the samba server and use a network path as the source of the roaming profile storage?

    Ive though about doing this through a mapped drive on the SBS 2003 server, but after thinking about it, it kind of defeats the purpose as it would still have to go through the SBS 2003 server.

    client -> samba server is what im looking for, with authentication on the SBS 2003 (Active Directory)
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    File share

    This could as simple as setting up as samba file share. Set up a user directory on the samba server and share it. On your 2003 SBS Server set the users profile and/or home path to \\<samba server>\<share name>\<user name>.

    This is the method we use except we're using another windows server but it should work with samba.

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