Samba Multiple Hostnames/Multiple Networks

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by fixallthisjunkguy, Jun 8, 2012.

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    I have an Ubuntu Server 12.04 installation connected to two different networks via two different network cards, what I am trying to do (if this is even possible) is have two separate hostnames for connecting to the Samba shares on this computer, but to not have BOTH hostnames active on BOTH connections.

    Example -

    ServerName IP


    But if I am on the 192.168.1 network I do not want to connect to Hamburger and vice versa. I also want to be able to connect to the same shares on both connections.

    The reasoning for this is that on the 192.168.1 network, I already have a server called Hamburger, and I do not want to create issues with the preinstalled server.
  2. fixallthisjunkguy

    fixallthisjunkguy New Member

    Nevermind, I believe I found a work around... Thanks for looking!

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