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    Hello I've recently setup a Ubuntu Server 7.10: OpenLDAP + SAMBA Domain Controller..

    I followed this

    It's working well the Windows XP Machines will authenticate to the domain...
    I plan on deploying this in a small school. I would like to create many of the younger children's accounts without a password.

    I added null passwords = yes to the smb.conf file.

    when I try to set an empty password with smbldap-passwd I get the message.
    I cannot generate the proper hash!

    So I've tried the following, where -H modifies the sambaAcctFlags, and the N flag means a password is not required.
    smbldap-usermod -H[N] username

    This seems to work however when I log in I get a message that the password has expired and that it must be changed.

    so I tried the following where X means that the password doesn't expire
    smbldap-usermod -H[NX] username

    However this doesn't work.. :confused:

    Now I noticed that if I use webmin to Edit a Samba User I'm able to click the New Password Bullet, leave the field blank. And then check the No Password Required box. When I push save I can login as the user without a password and without the Password Expiry notice.

    I would like to be able to do this from the command line because I would like to automate all the user creation. I assume it must be possible because I would assume webmin is just executing shell command in the background.

    Can anyone help me with this?

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