Samba-LDAP PDC with LAM (LDAP Account Manager)

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  1. Rokr

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    On CentOS or Ubuntu. It would be very useful.
  2. grishick

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    Samba LDAP PDC + PAM + Zimbra

    Here's a HOWTo of Samba LDAP based PDC with PAM for authentication and Zimbra for mail/collaboration on Ubuntu 6.10:
    it would probably be great to have this HOWTo here with some more information about other platforms. The solution allows you to replace your expensive AD+MS Exchange bundle with OpenSource stack.
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    You can see same topic at the side bar of this site. You can find out some thing same your questions.

    We also find more at: account manager job description
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  4. fbifido

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    Update needed

    Can someone update this HOWTO
    to 8.04, 9.04 and 9.10?

    I can get upto section 7, but, no "Posix Groups" nor "Samba Domains" shows
    and what is "Refresh your Zimbra Admin"? does that mean logout and login back in?

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