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    Good day,

    Any samba experts out there? I have it *almost* set up the way I want. Here's what I want to do (everything is referenced between a linux file server and a M$ workstation):

    1. Anyone that has an account on the linux machine maps their home directory, the available USB drives, printers (there are two printers, one shared by a M$ workstation, one attempting to be shared by the linux workstation), and a large, public "guest" area that is also in /home (/home/guest).

    2. If they don't have an account on the linux machine, anyone on the private 192.168.1/24 subnet has access to the guest area and printers.

    The situation is that #1 works, #2 doesn't.

    So, the bottom line, how do I give access to everyone on the private subnet to the guest area, even if they don't have a login?

    Here's smb.conf:
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    Hello everyone!

    I think the sampa will be used for a linux servers.I dont know the configyration about samba.Can any one please explain about the configuration..

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