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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by atjensen11, Jan 27, 2008.

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    I set up Samba and created two shares. I can see the shares on my Windows computer and can browse them.

    There is one share, music, that I can operate with exactly how I want. The owner:group is set to my "username:username". So it makes sense that I am the only one that can access this share with full rights.

    The other share, "website", I cannot. Whenever I try to do anything with the files or folders (create new files or folders, delete files or folders) I get an error message saying "Access Denied". The website share contains websites for Apache virtual hosting. These are set to allow users to FTP into them which works just fine. For these purposes, the owner:group is "ftpuser:ftpgroup". I have added my username to the UNIX group "ftpgroup", but still no luck.

    Here is the information regarding the shares:
    	valid users = @ftpgroup
    	writeable = yes
    	invalid users = 
    	path = /var/www
    	allow hosts = 192.168.100.
    	writeable = yes
    	path = /home/media/music
    	create mask = 775
    	allow hosts = 192.168.100.

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