Rythmbox won't playback audio CD after adding codecs

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Mac Kissack, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I added Codecs as instructed in article The Perfect Desktop, Fedora 10, section 11 Win-32 Codecs.
    Then, two things happened.
    1st., Rythmbox would not play audio CDs anymore. It did before addition.
    When clicking on Play button program simply shuts down.

    2nd., Totem 2.24.3 recognized a VCD but plays sound only.
    I shows an error message that says
    'name of track 1'.avi requires additional complements to play the file.
    The following file is needed:
    Microsoft MPEG-4 4.3 decoder
    Do you want to search for this file?

    When asked to do so, the search starts but quickly ends saying the file couldn't be found in any of the configured repositories.
    Then the disk starts playing but only sound is heard.
    Well, at least there is sound. Before the codecs addition there was nothing.
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