Running POP3 and IMAP Server at the same time?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sjau, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Is it possible to have an IMAP server and POP3 server running at the same time? Reason is this:

    A friend is responsible for the IT in his club... there are quite some old people that haven't heard of email before (well, now they all use outlook and pop3) and to teach them to use IMAP is somewhat difficult...
    So at the moment they all run pop3 accounts...

    However the one responsible for all correspondance and stuff had some serious computer problems and all emails going to contact AT their domain dot com has now vanished (no backups and stuff)

    So he asked me whether it's possible to have just 1 IMAP account and all other on POP3... I tend to think the only way would be installing a IMAPè and POP3 server at the same time but I don't know how to do that... right now they are using courier as pop3 server I think and when I try to install courier-imap then it will deselct the pop3 one...

    Do you have any suggestions?
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    Sure you can have both running. Beware funny thing can happen if you access the same mailbox mixed, so e.g. one time with POP3 next time with IMAP, and again with POP3. The 'read' flag on messages may give you some surprises. POP normally downloads mails, IMAP only marks them read. Next time POP3 comes around a 'sees' an already read email. Depends on your client what happens, but I had weird experiences....... Oke, admitted that was like a couple of centuries ago.

    As long as User1 uses POP always and User2 IMAP always there should not be a problem. All the howto guides include the installation of both POP and IMAP server.

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