Running ISPConfig on local network and hosting websites on same server

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    Hello, newb here.

    I have successfully installed ISPConfig using the natty guide. The problem I have now is this: I am running this in a local server and playing with non-registered domain names.

    Let's say the IP address is
    ISPConfig runs on port 8080
    Apache runs on port 80
    The host name of the machine is: sandbox.vgm
    I can ping this hostname from the local machine (but not from another machine on the same network -- although the IP address can be pinged from a remote machine)

    New DNS Zone
    I added a new DNS zone from ISPConfig with the following details:

    Template: Default
    Server: sandbox.vgm
    Domain: test.vgm
    IP Address:
    NS 1: sandbox.vgm
    NS 2: sandbox.vgm

    and it created this record:

    A mail 0
    A test.vgm. 0
    A www 0
    MX test.vgm. mail.test.vgm. 10
    NS test.vgm. sandbox.vgm. 0

    New Website
    I created a new website with these settings:

    Server: sandbox.vgm
    IPv4-Address: *
    IPv6-Address: <blank>
    Domain: test.vgm
    Active: <checked>

    I tried accessing the website test.vgm from the local machine and from a remote machine. The server was found but with one problem: I am seeing the default Apache page -- not the new site's page. I am thinking that because the DNS records all point to, there is something wrong with mapping the domain name to the virtual host test.vgm.

    Is this setup even possible? What changes do I have to make and what settings do I have to check?

    Thank you
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