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Discussion in 'General' started by mitho7, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. mitho7

    mitho7 Member

    I want to set up Subversion Repository (svn) on my ISPConfig server. like to create new site under ISPConfig. something like

    Is there any tutorial that i can follow?

  2. aqua

    aqua New Member

    does this repository need to be web browseable? if not, you can just create a directory in your home direcotry, (or under another user), and put all your repositories there. That's what i do.

    You can then check-in and check-out stuff using ssh:

    Most IDEs such as eclipse have plugins that will automate checking in and checking out for you.

  3. mitho7

    mitho7 Member

    yes, i want that too.
  4. aqua

    aqua New Member

    then checkout trac. It has a very nice subversion/tracking capabilities. If you are using ubuntu i think you can install it from the repos.
  5. mitho7

    mitho7 Member

    I'm running ISPCOnfig on Debian Etch. So it not possible to run SVN along with ISPConfig as web browseable?
  6. quentusrex

    quentusrex New Member

    Trac has a built in module that will make the svn repo available to browse in a standard web browser.

    I believe the issue will be that Trac requires mod_python plus some 'special vhost configs' compared to other sites. I'd be interested in helping to figure out the install settings, but I'd do it for ISPConfig 3, rather than 2.
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This has nothing to do with ISPConfig directly. You can use any svn repository browsing software an a server that has IOSPconfig installed. Just as quentusrex pointed out, you will have to add some additional apache directives in the apache directives field of the website if your svn browser is not based on php, perl, cgi or ruby.

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