Run pureftpd with multiple mysql databases (Ubuntu 9.10/ISPConfig 3/PureFTPd/Quota)?

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    HARMANE New Member

    I have followed the Perfect Server Ubuntu 9.10/ISPConfig 3 tutorial and everything works just fine. I am also wanting to use the Virtual Hosting with PureFTPd and MySQL on Ubuntu 9.10 tutorial ( on the same machine for exclusive ftp access. That works as well but I only know how to run pureftpd once with the respective mysql.conf for each setup and have been swapping them out and restarting pureftp to confirm both do in fact work.

    So, is there a way that I can achieve this without too much hassle? I like the ability to control user accounts securely via mysql with the Virtual Hosting tutorial, limiting to just one local system account, but also want ftp access (obviously) on the web-hosting side AND would like to keep them completely separate. I'm not an advanced Linux user but from what I can tell it looks like I would only need a script to run pureftpd with separate mysql databases and configure different ports for each instance maybe? I have a second NIC on the server so multiple IP's would probably be the safest option as to not change ports on users.

    Any help is appreciated!
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  2. falko

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    You don't need multiple MySQL databases. You can add a new record in the ftpd table for each account.

    HARMANE New Member

    When I run the mysql.conf from the Virtual Hosting tutorial I can access ftp with accounts I create under phpmyadmin but cannot access ftp from the web-hosting side, and vice-versa. Each mysql.conf needs to be run separately. Unless I'm missing something. Do I have to create the ftp user in ISPConfig and in phpmyadmin?

    I also have the server setup with the Ubuntu 9.10/ISPConfig 3 tutorial, not ISPConfig 2. Setup seems to be quite different.
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    HARMANE New Member

    I've investigated further and can't seem to find a solution to this. I've separated mysql.confs from each tutorial, mysql.conf_ispconfig and mysql.conf_vhosting. From what I've gathered, there isn't one singular config file that governs pureftp but rather a wrapper that looks for single line pre-defined files in /etc/pure-ftp/conf. I restart pureftpd with the db I want as designated in /etc/pure-ftp/conf/MySQLConfigFile.

    The info I did find that uses a pure-ftp.conf file doesn't seem to pertain to pure-ftpd-mysql. I've also looked into running a virtual ftp server but again, I can't see how it would fit into the configuration I am using. Only option I can see is separate machines altogether.
  5. tobiasps

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    Hi there, I was searching for the same: multiple mysql authentication sources for a single pure-ftp server. My reason is that I have a legacy login system and a new with different sets of home dirs. For several reasons I can not just migrate the legacy system to the new. Anyway I ended up using pure-ftpd's external auth system (pure-ftpd authentication modules) and wrote a small python program that first probes the one mysql table and if no match it tries the other table. Depending on match it builds the correct home directory path.

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