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  1. happz

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    Hello community-

    A few years ago I setup rsync where I ran two apache servers. One was the main server and the other held a mirror of the main. That was a while back and I set it up via this tut-

    My question is this- I'm running ISPConfig 3 (Debian) and back then I ran ISPConfig 2.

    Before I go through the steps, anyone know if this will work for isp3 and it is the best way for redundancy?

    What started this was a server failure during a meeting with a customer and it was embarrassing. I need the ability for when the main server goes down, a second server takes over and in the past, this worked great.

    Thanks all!

  2. sjau

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    doesn't ISPC 3 has the option of setting up mirrors directly?
  3. happz

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    I'm trying to replicate a server across the internet using rsync but I'm looking to see if this is still a practice out in the field.

    As far as I know, you can manage multiple servers in ispconfig3 but I want to produce a fail-safe environment-i.e.if one server goes down the other will continue to serve the websites.

  4. happz

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    Till or Falko (or anyone that wants to help answer):

    Will rsync work in today's environment (ispconfig3) using the how to written in 06' for ispconfig 2?


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