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    Hi there,
    I'm currently a little confused about the current implementation of Rspamd in ISPconfig.
    In my setup, I have a custom Spam policy created in ISPconfig:
    • Greylisting level: 5.00
    • SPAM tag level: 5.00
    • SPAM tag method: Header (adds "X-Spam: Yes")
    • SPAM reject level: 15.00
    Under "Spamfilter users" I create a new @domain policy, select my custom policy and give him a priority of 5. In the Mailbox settings are spam filter set to -not enabled-. If I change it to Custom, nothing happens.
    But after a restart nothing change. Currently, Rspamd sometimes using a score base of 15 and sometimes of 0 and I don't know how it decides to select one of these scores.
    After digging the log files, I found this entry:
    no actions in settings: ispc_mail_user_4
    But under /etc/rspamd/local.d/users I can't find a file with this name.
    Also, the subjects get a rewrite and not the X-Spam header gets added.
    I Uses Debian 10 Buster and the current stable ISPconfig3 3.1.15 with Rspamd 1.9.4
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