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Discussion in 'General' started by jeppunen, Feb 1, 2014.

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    I have an customer who wants also their locally sent emails to be routed via their spam filter provider. So if the [email protected] sends email to [email protected] the mail should not just be locally routed from mailbox to another, but sent to their mx and to be returned. I tried to find the solution and tested different routing settings without luck. All I could make was an email loop between my server and spam filtering service and no more incoming emails for the domain.

    Is there a way to route all email to MX and not just do the local delivery?
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    Dont really understand why you would want to do what you are trying to do, but if the 2 accounts are on the same server you cant do what you want as the MX is that server.

    You could however maybe use your server as a relay, so it uses another smtp server to send out the emails, and then have fetchmail/getmail to bring them back to your server.

    I use my own server to get emails from my yahoo and gmail accounts, and sometimes spam that is not detacted by yahoo or gmail servers are picked up by my own servers.
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    You could however use the Mail Settings in each Mail Account for to use the designated SMTP Server for to route even internal mails to the external SMTP Server. That would require that you had to use to add those SMTP Server Setting in each Mail Account.
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    Thank you Quaxth and tahunasky for your responses.

    The reason is simply that my customer wants to route not only incoming but their internal mail also to true spam/malware filtering service. The mx already points to the spam service so emails comming from the world gets routed properly via filtering service. But if users sends mail to each other the message is threated as internal mail and no mx is used to resolve the route.

    This sounds like a solution I'm looking for. I tried to look for for the setting you are referring to but I did not notice any. I looked it from the email part of the ISPConfig, where I checked the domain settings and user mailbox settings, but no luck. Can you provide an hint where should I check? The ISPConfig is
  5. Quaxth

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    I think it's depend on your global config.

    I use at the moment 9 Mail domains each with several e-mail accounts. Let say it's,, etc.

    All mail accounts from using the same SMTP, here and all mails send from any account of [email protected] are shown to come from domain. same would be by [email protected] from and so on. Also send internal, they will shown coming form their specific domain.

    I'm not sure about those spam/filter service that needs to be tested to work or not. If not, there is all times the way to use an external Relay Server for to pass them through those services.

    You could use an SMTP open relay check for to find some open relay server. Just google for SMTP servers in your country and that use this website: for to find out which is an open Relay and could be freely used without the need of an account, username and password.

    Hope that helps you further.

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