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    Nice :) ...had errors in IE with attachments loading where broken, but now it seems to work...only the email-button seems to have a damaged icon...
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    ...actually, by taking the last package you still would have to use some modification in config/ to set it from "en" to "de" if you prefer german...and, because these are missing, localization/ shouldlook like this:

     $Id: 323 2006-08-23 21:36:37Z thomasb $
     $rcube_languages = array(
      'de_DE' => 'Deutsch (DE)',
     'en_US' => 'English (US)'
    $rcube_language_aliases = array(
     'de' => 'de_DE',
     'en' => 'en_US'
    $rcube_charsets = array();

    Well and finally the de_DE package (...korrigiert und erweitert) would be in the attachment :), then, at last you might have to take a look in the default-skin-buttons-folder, if all png's an the gif-file are ok, three of mine where broken, so I took them from one of the other, similar skins

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  3. Ovidiu

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    can someone tell me how to prevent users from editing their sending email addresses under identities? I just want them to be stuck to the one I gave them, not experimenting with this feature...
  4. sushestvo

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    I have latest (R 334) package installed.
    But a lot of times I experience one problem (other users as well), and actually had it in previous version before this update (i thought it would help, but it didn't). When I read some emails - it just kicks me out saying my Session is invalid or expired. If I try to log back in, it won't let me saying the same thing, after N amount of tries I will get in - but after a while it will again kick me out w/o any errors (I assume it doesn't have time to show them, kicks me out too fast).
    Anyone else experienced this? It makes it totally impossible to read emails :(
  5. schmidtedv

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    hm, the only time I have this problem is right after easiest way for that was to reboot server (might not be necessary, but didn't disturb to do so). After this the sessions seemed to work correct.
  6. sushestvo

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    anyone else experienced this?
    I don't really want to reboot the server if it's not gonna solve the problem (especially after each update) as it's in production and a lot of people will be pissed =)
    But if I have to, then I have to/... just wanna make sure it will solve it.
  7. schmidtedv

    schmidtedv Member HowtoForge Supporter might...with me, there was the problem, that I actually couldn't log in after showed me everytime that my session was expired. So that might be a bit different to your problem in that case...
  8. damir

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    I have the same issues. I switched to another webmail application.

    Have u guys tried to reboot ? Can u confirm is it works after the reboot.
  9. Ben

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    I don't really think that reboot itself will help, but more the fact that all services are shut down and started up again.
    But roundcube only uses apache + mod_php (or other php implementation) and eventually mySQL if you not use sqli. So restarting apache and depending on your configuration restarting mysql as well should be fine....
  10. Hans

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    RoundCube how to posted

    Hi all,

    Today i've posted a "how to" to setup RoundCube webmail in the webspace of your choice running on port 80. This is an alternative for the RoundCube webmail package which can be downloaded at

    I guess, it will be available soon in the How to section of HowtoForge.
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  12. Hans

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    Falko, i can imagine that you are always very busy... You're incredibly fast again! Thanks :)
  13. paulrobert_a

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    Hey Folks,

    It's been a while since I've updated this so here goes again, SVN rev 361.

    For those you wish to maintain their current database, please back it up, replace the one from the package and manually update the sqlite database yourself.

    Please don't contact me for support, I only created the package. For all support queries, please direct them to the roundcube forums.


    The Download
  14. till

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    Thanks for the update :)
  15. 3cwired_com

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    Hi, I host several websites, and I'd like to have all of the domains login via

    etc, can I just install it once, and make it work, or does this installer only work for one domain name. I don't want to have to configure each domain names email one by one, if I don't have to, and I don't want to use the default port 81, is there another way around this, that eliminates port 81 altogether.
  16. falko

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  17. 3cwired_com

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    Thanks I got it setup now, just had a few issues, but I think I resolved em all.
  18. cousin

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    Found the bug

    hey guys,
    i have been workin my way through ISPConfig and roundcube for quite a while, well every thing is ok except the problem of the identities.

    You c, if i have a domain (e.g. host.domain.tld), and my email is [email protected]
    roundcube would read it as [email protected].

    i think i passed a solution for this by Alex, but the problem is; that solution is only convenient for www hosts, so for other subdomains this wont work, and also its inconvenent to manually add the hosts eash time i create a new one.

    i've read your posts and many blame roundcube for that, but i actually think its ISPConfig, as it adds host.domain.tld to /etc/postfix/virtusertable, and then roundcube would fetch the email from the file; acctually it fetches the first one that matches the username.

    you can check it your self, i couldnt make a patch since i havent any experience with ISPConfig source files and i have no time to check the source; so please if anyone could track this down, i will be very thankful for him :D

    thnx guyz
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  19. till

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    There is no bug at all, just a incompatibility between roundcube and ISPConfig. The virtusertable file written by ISPConfig is correct, as it uses the main domain incl. hostname of the website as first email domain.
  20. Hans

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