RoundCube webmail version 0.4.2 package for ISPConfig2

Discussion in 'General' started by Hans, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Hi ISPConfig2 users,
    Today i created a new RoundCube package for ISPConfig2.
    This package contains RoundCube 0.4.2, which is latest release of RC 0.4.

    The new package can be downloaded here.

    Upgrade instructions (warning, your old sqlite.db will get lost):

    Login as root on your ISPConfig2 server.
    Execute the following commands:
    rm -r /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/roundcubemail
    rm -r /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/tools/tools/roundcubemail
    Login as admin into ISPConfig2
    Click on > "Manager" > "Update Manager" > "Update"
    Add the URL:
    Click on the "Install" button.

    You can access RoundCube 0.4.2 at http://www.yourdomain.tld:81/roundcubemail or under "Tools" within ISPConfig2 itself.

    (Tested on ISPConfig 2.2.37 on Debian Lenny)

    @Till Brehm and/or Falko Timme,
    feel free to add this package on


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  2. mini14

    mini14 Member

    How would I use this to set up webmail to run on the normal http port 80?
  3. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Well, once i wrote a howto for that here.
    Although, its written for a previous RoundCube version, that howto can be your guide.
  4. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I just installed the new package. Thanks for the work you do Hans.
    But I think there is a feature missing that worked before.
    I am only able to login with my Username (webXX_name) and password. With the older version I used it was possible to use an emailadress and the password.

    Is it possible to make authentification with email/password work again?

  5. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    As far as i know not, because within the config file it is not possible to use the /etc/postfix/virtusertable anymore.
  6. make-fun

    make-fun Member

    This was in RC2
    // Path to a virtuser table file to resolve user names and e-mail addresses
    $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable';
    With RC4 it is in a PlugIn:
    Enable PlugIn for virtuser_file in
    $rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('virtuser_file');
    Then point to the file in /plugins/virtuser_file/virtuser_file.php:
    $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable';
    and sure nice to have ;-)

    BTW: Thanks a lot Hans
  7. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter


    Good hint.
    But it seems that
    $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable';
    belongs to the file
    At least it works for me if I put both lines into
    If I put the path to the virtusertable to /plugins/virtuser_file/virtuser_file.php it did not work.

    Have a nice day
  8. make-fun

    make-fun Member

    Yes, sorry was a bin in a rush ;-)
    I just wanted to point your attention to this PlugIn dir, as there is more cool stuff!
    Enable PlugIn for virtuser_file in
    $rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('virtuser_file');
    (That will point to the PlugIn file in /plugins/virtuser_file/virtuser_file.php…)

    Config PlugIn for virtuser_file in
    $rcmail_config['virtuser_file'] = '/etc/postfix/virtusertable';
    Can't edit previous post, but glad it helped anyway ;-)

  9. amoniak

    amoniak New Member

    hello Hans!

    any chance that you can provide a package with the latest Roundcube 0.5.1 for Ispconfid 2.2.37?

    That would be amazing!

    I have your current package installed and would be very thankful for an upgrade package or instructions on how to upgrade

    many thanks and cheers
  10. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I'm very busy these days with a lot of projects.
    I am willing to create that package but on the moment it's hard to make time for it. If someone else would do the job, it would be great!
  11. amoniak

    amoniak New Member

    basically I was just looking at your package for 0.4.2 and I was thinking of making one by myself for 0.5.1

    I might be able to do it., but would be gratefuil for a little how-to.
    can be basic. I think I could handle the details..

    of course I would share the package here when it's done..

    would be amazing if you could give me a few minutes to write a how to

  12. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter

    When I last used the package I had the problem, that HTML encoded mails where not readable with roundcube.
    Problem was that the php installation used wuith ISPConfig did not bring some packages (e.g. DOM).
    Are those problem solved or is there a solution to it?
  13. amoniak

    amoniak New Member


    I updated to 5.1 roundcube by myself

    1) basically I went through the whole config file and checked every value.

    2) did the sqlite DB update by hand in sqlite + set the DB to insert mode

    3) copied all the necessary files according to roundcube UPGRADING.txt

    4) did the check-steps in the Installer script

    5) adjusted the virtuser_file plugin

    HINT: I had to set the value virtuser_file not just in the plugin in the respective plugins directory, but also (again) in the config file

    6) updating the config file - I had to set an absolute path to the sqlite.db file and make it writeable for the webserver

    thats it

    if anyone has questions, pm me
  14. hahni

    hahni New Member

    Hello Hans,

    It is very great, that you are doing so much for ISPConfig. It would be very nice, if you would make an update from RoundCube-package for the 0.5.x-version.

    We should talk with Tim and Falko. On the ISPConfig-download-page is the link for 0.3.1 and its a very old version. Maybe the download-link can be updated?


  15. userman

    userman New Member


    I have the problem of Spaetzle too.

    I had the problem, that HTML encoded mails where not readable with roundcube. I must config roundcube for read mail with no html visualization for i can read the mails.

    Are those problem solved or is there a solution to it?

    my phpinfo have DOM enable.

    by the way, the message of the instructions for the update: Upgrade instructions (warning, your old sqlite.db will get lost)

    the sqlite.db are all my mails store? i lost all the mails of my accounts saved?

  16. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I fear this problem is not to be solved very easy as there need some more php modules compiled when creating apache for ISPConfig. So this needs to be done within the ispconfig package. As this will create some overhead for the system and anyone who is not in need for roundcube I do not know if this will be done.

    I solved it that way that I installed roundcube into a normal web and created a .htaccess file redirecting any call to http://www.<anydomain>/webmail to this installation. So i can use this Installation for all my sites.
  17. userman

    userman New Member

  18. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter

    As I have more than one ISPConfig Serer running I did it this way (hopefully not forgetting any step):
    1. I downloaded Roundcube to my own site
    2. I installed it to /var/www/www.mysite/web/webmailsystem/roundcube-5.0
    3. I configured it like pointed out in the INSTALL document
    4. I created a subdirectory /var/www/www.mysite/web/webmailsystem/server1 and /var/www/www.mysite/web/webmailsystem/server2
    5. I copied the config directory from the roundcube install directory to .../server1 and .../server2
    6. delete the directories installer, temp, log and config in the roundcube directory
    7. now I created a link from /var/www/www.mysite/web/webmailsystem/stub to /var/www/www.mysite/web/webmailsystem/roundcube-5.0
    8. Now I changed the config files in .../server1/config/ and .../server1/config/ to my needs (path to log, temp, db access and so on) the way that they match my needs. I put log and temp dirs for both server in their directories
    9. now i created links in each servers directory from bin, index.php, plugins, program, robots.txt, skins, SQL to .../stub/bin, .../stub/index.php and so on
    10. after that I created a .htaccess in /var/www/ on all servers with a line
      where X is the servers number.
    Thats all (I hope)
    I there is a new roundcube version is coming it should be sufficient to unpack it, delete the unneeded directories and point a link from stub to the new installation. Maybe you need to do the upgrades pointed out in the UPGRADE manual.
    As I like the possibility to use the email adress for login I configured the neede plugin as well an do a transfer of all servers virtusertable to my ../serversX directories.

    I hope this helps.

  19. userman

    userman New Member

    Thanks Spaetzle.

    I need remove the roundcube version that i have installed with ispconfig?

  20. Spaetzle

    Spaetzle Member HowtoForge Supporter

    No. I do not think so. They should not interfere with each other.

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