roundcube @ webmail.domain.tld ?? how?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by id10t, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. id10t

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    Ok... on a non-ISPConfig I have webmail working fine, and since there are only a few users, its no big deal (debian w/ exim4, courier-imap, etc)

    However, setting up a ISPConfig box for a friend. We'll have domains a-plenty, etc. so we need the virtual users, etc. that ISPConfig can supply.

    Using the .pkg file from ISPConfig, we can do this very easy, but users have to go to our non-port 80 install to get to roundcube. I've tried copying the roundcube directory, aliasing it, symlinking it, etc. so it shows up in their webspace or as a subdomain, and no joy. Either I get internal server errors, or they have to enter their webN_username name instead of [email protected] to login.

    So.. how can I use the nice virtual-ness of the roundcube .pkg in ISPConfig and have it show up for users as webmail.domain.tld for each of their domains?

  2. till

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    ISPConfig 2 does not support virtual mail users. ISPConfig 2 uses linux system users.
  3. id10t

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    Right, but it gives each linux user a prefix based on the ISPConfig domain that they are a member of... so [email protected] is really web1_joe on the linux side,and [email protected] is really web3_joe .

    So what I'd like to do is configure a instance of roundcube to act just like the .pkg version does, but not be under the URL/Port of our ISPConfig install - rather, I'd like users to access it at [email protected] domain. Instead of entering web1_joe and a password, he'd enter [email protected] and his password to get to his mail.

    Like I said, the instance of redcube that comes in the ispconfig .pkg file does this, I'd like that same functionality but hosted on each domains webmail.domain.tld....
  4. falko

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    It has been modified to look up the system user names in the ISPConfig database. So when you type in an email address, it maps it to the correct system user.
  5. id10t

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    Unfortunately, I can't successfully create a virtual host that allows access to it, and if I try copying the roundcube directory over and creating a vhost that way, I get more/different errors.

    I'm thinking that now the simplest and most flexible thing to do will be to get a real SSL cert, set up a different DNS entry for our ispconfig side, change ISPConfig to listed on 443 on that dns name, and use the "forward" option on a new subdomain in ISPConfig to point to the ISPConfig interfaces for roundcube and other things like phpmyadmin.
  6. falko

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