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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fdsg72-lux, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. fdsg72-lux

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    Hi there,

    I completed the following How To's to setup fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 with ISPConfig and RoundCube WebMail:

    => Ubuntu 8.10:
    => ISPConfig post-install setup:
    => RoundCube Webmail:

    With RoundCube Webmail I am hitting the issue with the PHP options in the .htaccess file giving "500 Internal Server Error". After researching this issue I accordingly modified the file /etc/apache2/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf for the appropriate <VirtualHost ...> section for my website by updating the following line inside the section:

    <IfModule mod_python.c>
    <Directory /var/www/web4/web>":


    => AllowOverride Indexes AuthConfig Limit FileInfo


    => AllowOverride Options Indexes AuthConfig Limit FileInfo

    and then restart apache2 which resolves the issue momentarily.

    The problem is that if I make any change via ISPConfig e.g. update a setting of the website, then the file /etc/apache2/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf is regenerated and I loose my edit which then again breaks the RoundCube Webmail functionality.

    Where is the correct location to make the change for my website so it will not get overwritten when I make changes via ISPConfig? I also tried adding the following all by itself within the <VirtualHost ...> section, both as the first and last entry within this section:

    <Directory /var/www/web4/web>
    AllowOverride Options

    but it does not make any difference, only when I update existing definitions of the like

    <IfModule ...>
    <Directory /var/www/web4/web>

    does the change work.

    Please tell me what exact change I have to make exactly where to resolve this issue?

  2. till

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    You must add your changed code to the apache directives field in the website settings. Never edit the file Vhosts_ispconfig.conf manually!

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