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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Dentop, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Dentop

    Dentop New Member

    Hey all

    I have made a multiserver setup...
    • = kontrolpanel and webserver
    • = mailserver
    • = database server
    Now I struggle to get Roundcube to work and my question is as follow.:

    1. Should I install Roundcube on the webserver or on the mailserver? On the mailserver I have no apache or sql, its all pointed to the other servers.
    2. Should I set up DNS to make things work internally, I could set up 2 DNS servers, but I am happy with my current DNS supplier. But to get /phpmyadmin and /webmail to work, would I be better og with DNS also running via ISPConfig?
    Thanks in advance and thank you for a awesome product.
    (I bought the manual but it does not cover this)
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Both are possible. But Roundcube needs Apache. If you did not install Roundcube before ISPConfig, you must force reconfigure services.
    It does not matter where DNS is. I may misunderstand, since I would say /phpmyadmin and /webmail are not relafed to DNS.
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  3. Dentop

    Dentop New Member

    First of all, thanks for taking your time, to reply to my post.

    Why would I need to reconfigure services, since Roundcube is not part of any of the ISPConfig services etc... Mail, Web, DB, DNS, as in System -> Server Services?

    DNS wise is my bad explanation, the /webmail and /phpmyadmin part is just a matter og configuration in ISPConfig. Forget that part... In my eager to post I forgot to proof read, what I wrote... So the question is really, If I set up DNS in ISPConfig, will ISPConfig then Automatically create alle necessary DNS posts when I create a new EMAIL Domain? Or is it still something I have to set up manualliy?

    Sencondly, When I set up Roundcube (On the webserver, since I will have more mail servers in the future) ... Will I then have to reconfigure/recreate all mail users? Or can it synchronies them via the plugin?
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Are you convinced ISPConfig does not do any setups related to Roundcube? I play safe, and do the reconfigure services if I install some application that was not present when ISPConfig was installed. But if you installed Rouncube as per instructions in the Manual or Perfect Server Guide, then it is OK.
    You have to setup manually. I remember there has been talk about plugin or feature request that would create DNS entries, but then it would work only if DNS is run in ISPConfig. And may be hard to do, since how would ISPConfig know how to setup name service the way user expects.
    No. Webmail users are the same users that use the usual mailboxes.
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  5. Dentop

    Dentop New Member

    Thanks a lot for your time and effort, I got it running now and I am very happy for the pointers. That helped me a lot and could avoid some of the rookie mistakes, but hey, thank godt for backup and virtual machines ;)
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