Roundcube + ISPConfig 3 + Multiserver

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    Hello everyone,

    Since yesterday I have a server setup that should be dedicated for Webmail only.

    To understand my setup:

    Moon: Master Server & Websites/Mail
    Mercury & Mars: Websites/Mail
    Luna: Dedicated Webmail Frontend.

    Now, how do I have to configure what in order to use the Roundcube ISPConfig plugin? Where do I have to install it and what remote server do I have to use?

    Also, there is no need for an Alias such as "/webmail", because I have only one domain that I want to use for webmail frontend issues.

    So, how do I have to make settings in the file in /etc/apache2/sites-available?

    Kind Regards

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  2. till

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    Roundcube connects to the mailserver by imap and to the ispconfig master server with the remote api. its up to you were you install roundcube as both protocolls are tcp based, so you can install roundcube on any server that is connected to the internet.

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