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    I have run an upgrade on ispconfig 3 to version which seemed to run perfectly fine.
    But i have found a problem with roundcubemail.

    before i upgraded it was verion .03 (i think) - well it worked fine before upgrade

    I usually login via

    after upgrade i could not log in, it had a login screen, when i typed email address and a password screen went to a white screen, and nothing.

    i renamed /var/www/apps/roundcube to roundcube.old

    went to system - packages and deleted roundcube.
    then refreshed panel to reinstall roundcube again.
    it seemed to reinstall fine, ssh in to check folder and new one was created.
    under monitor - server had an error message
    "Unable to connect to the databaseCan't create database 'ispapp1'; database exists"
    I logged into phpmyadmin and renamed database, opened ssh terminal to server and ran "service httpd restart" went back in to phpmyadmin and it had created new database.

    Now i have a new fresh looking login screen, but still cannnot login.
    It now states "Invali server name"
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  2. chief

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    BUT when i go i can login, so my problem is with roundcubemail

    help please, thanks in advance
  3. chief

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    Sussed it...

    edit /var/www/apps/roundcube/config/
    line 75
    $rcmail_config['default_host'] = '$s";
    and change $s to localhost - $s works via domain name

    and hey presto i can log in


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