roundcube+dovecot+postfix quota issue

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  1. Teddy_2009

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    Hi All,

    I have tried enabling quota and plugins in dovecot.conf and the roundcube webmail still shows quota as unlimited. User maximum quota is stored in mysql. I tried configuring dovecot-dict-quota.conf also but failed to connect to sql. The sql database is from the ISPconfig 2. The user quota is located in "user_speicher" field.

    *******(contents of dovecot.conf is as below**********
    protocol imap {
    mail_plugins = quota imap_quota
    dict {
    quotadict = mysql:/etc/dovecot-dict-quota.conf
    quota = dict:user :: proxy::quotadict
    quota = maildir

    ****contents of dovecot-dict-quota.conf is as below********
    driver = mysql
    connect = host=localhost dbname=db_ispconfig user=YYY password=XXXXX
    default_pass_scheme = PLAIN
    table = isp_isp_user
    select_field = user_speicher
    where_field = ??????
    username_field = user_username

    Have anyone successfully setup the quota? Please let me know

    Tks in advance.

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    have you solved this problem anyhow ? i have the same
  3. radim_h

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