Roundcube 0.4 autoreply date problems

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    Hi all,

    several months ago I've installed ISPConfig and Roundcube 0.4: on Roundcube I have then installed the patch "by Horfic" (see here -

    Everything works perfectly, except one thing in the start and end date of the autoreply message. Any value that is written on those 2 fields is reset to zero by Roundcube: the autoreply message is saved and activated (it works) but there is no possibility of setting "start on" and "end by" dates (see attachment).

    Is there any solution?

    Should I upgrade Roundcube?

    Thank you very much,

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  2. till

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    You use a really old ispconfig version, so the first step is to update ispconfig on your server and then check if your problem is still there.
  3. Horfic

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    You use a really old roundcube version, so you should alsoupdate roundcube on your server and then get the latest version of my plugins under:

    There has been a lot of improvements in ispconfig and roundcube!
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    Thank you for your kind answers.

    There is a "simple" way to upgrade ISPConfig? Where can I find an "upgrade procedure"?

    Thank you again,
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    Thank you for suggestions

    ThanK you again for the suggestions: as soon as possible (but probably not in the next weeks) I'll backup the entire virtual machine in which ISPConfig is installed and then will do the upgrade: I'll post the results.

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