RoundCube 0.2.2 package available for ISPConfig2

Discussion in 'General' started by Hans, May 18, 2009.

  1. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    On 18-05-2009 RoundCube 0.2.2 has been released, which is a bugfix release for version 0.2.1-stable. Based on this latest stable version, i've built a new package for ISPConfig 2. RoundCube 0.2.2 can be downloaded here. Please read the available readme file for install instructions.

    Warning: by installing this package, your previous sqlite.db will get lost.
    This means that user settings will get lost as well.

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  2. make-fun

    make-fun Member

    Thank you Hans!

    Can one keep the sqlite.db?
  3. id10t

    id10t Member

    Any chance of getting Till/Falko to change the ISPConfig 2 install docs to mention that libxml2-dev package is required for compiling ISPConfig so Roundcube can receive HTML mail?
  4. klonos

    klonos New Member

    0.3-RC1 is out! Can we hope on an ISPConfig pkg soon?... Please???
  5. madmucho

    madmucho ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer


    0.3RC is big step in roundcube history, i like plugin architecture, i recommend emoticons and markasjunk plugin. :).
    I think stable version wil be avalible soon.
  6. Hans

    Hans Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I will create a new RoundCube package for ISPConfig 2, when RoundCube 0.3 stable has been released.

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