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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by CaptnCrash, Aug 14, 2009.

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    I have tried everything to get pure-ftpd to accept a root login. I've set the 3 parameters in the config file to no avail.

    I'm using a mysql back end and determined that anytime you set a gid or uid = root [0] regardless of the user credentials pure-ftpd fails the login. So there is something specific somewhere in the code that does this. Haven't found that yet either. There's quite a bit there to look through.

    I've searched the 'net and this forum to no avail. I've seen a couple suggestions from 2004 but they don't work like the ftpusers file [ doesn't exist on my system ] and some other directives like -A and not -u but I'm using a config file and pretty much have to because I use the mysql back end.

    I'm using v1.0.21
    The package came via rpmforge / dag

    Can anyone provide some insight on getting pure-ftpd to accept a root login ?


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