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Discussion in 'General' started by happz, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. happz

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    Question: I have created a site and the user was something like web1_admin. I gave user [shell] but not admin in the begining. I uploaded file to site via ftp. later i went back to ispconfig and added admin rights for this user. Now when i'm in ftp client is see "owner" as root and something folders "owner" as web1_admin....I find now that i cannot remove folders as web1_admin and i also noticed i can't chmod folders


  2. till

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    The user web1_admin can only manage files and folders inside the web directory. All other folders can and shall not be mmoved by this user, as this woul e.g. corrupt the mail delivery system for this domain.
  3. happz

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    some folders i uploaded say owner "root" and other i uploaded say "web1_admin"

    I guess what i'm saying is i cannot delete some of the folders i uploaded to /web1/web/.... it won't let me for some, i have had up to 30 domains on one server in the past but i am only saying this because from time to time i find that i can't delete folders i uploaded....and i alway upload them as the user i.e. seems the folders i can't remove say owner "root" but I or i should say web1_admin is the one that uploaded the files and folders....i right click from my handy ftp client and choose delete but it won't delete. and why would the owner not say "web1_admin" on all of the files i uploaded?

    happz...hope i made some sense of what i need till but thanks nonetheless...
  4. falko

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    What's in your proftpd.conf?
    Can you go to the directory where you can't delete files and run
    ls -la
    ? What's the output?

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