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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chuckwhite8, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I have RHEL 5.3 virtual instance on which I had updated zlib and put the updated version in \usr\local\lib64. I was in the process of compiling libxml2 but was running into some issue with unknown symbols.

    There was an older instance of zlib in \usr\lib64. It seemed that the error was because libxml2 was looking at the older version of zlib. In \usr\lib64 I deleted zlib.1.2. .. so and the .la files. I was trying to delete the links (zlib.1.so and zlib.1.2.so) but was unable to.

    The VM slice was not responsive at some point and then I have not been able to connect back to the slice. I do not have the root password but I do have sudo permissions on the machine.

    Is there any way of me connecting to the machine?
  2. chuckwhite8

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    Our system admin used VMWare interface to get to the console and restore the original version of zlib. Things are back to normal!

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