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  1. moglia

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    Sugestion about Revision 1309. Fixed: FS#754 - mailfilter problem

    mysql_real_escape_string used direct without
    abstraction database layer.

    $mailuser = $app->db->queryOneRecord("SELECT sys_groupid, custom_mailfilter FROM mail_user WHERE mailuser_id = ".$this->dataRecord["mailuser_id"]);
    $rule_content = $mailuser['custom_mailfilter']."\n".$app->db->quote($this->getRule());

    I see db class you can not use $app->db->quote insted mysql_real_escape_string.

    $rule_content = mysql_real_escape_string($rule_content);

    $rule_content = $app->db->quote($rule_content)

    turns code portable to another database is it´s necessary.

    if not possible use $app->db->quote i sugest
    create another method in class to do it.

    Im folow code revisions to learn and soon as possible test some features every day.

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    I've changed that.

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