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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by humpy, Mar 2, 2009.

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    I feel a dill , but i cannot for the life of me work out how to set return address for email sent from a virtual domain hosted on my plesk server, and I cant seem to get the right key words to find a howto in google. Do i set it in postfix? sendmail php? .... A general pointer would probably do, once i get started I should be able to muddle thru. I have dione it before, but 5 years ago, and my memory has totally failed me..

    I have a plesk9/centos5 server, that was running qmail, which i then converted over to running postfix. I have just gone totally blank on where and what I should be configuring to change the return address setting.

    The hosted website sends out members messages to other members, but when it sends to an invalid/full/offline email address, when it bounces back, it comes back to the [email protected] default address, whereas it would like it to return to say [email protected]. So that the website owner can address the issue, rather my mailbox being filled with dozens of bounced emails..

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.

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    hmm.. i have checked their code, here is a snip of it

    Question :

    mail($admin_email, "Member Request [$email]", $message, "From: <$email>\r\nReturn-Path: [email protected]");
    $sent = 1;
    } else { $fail = 2;

    Which looks right according to the link that you so kindly supplied... except they havent changed their code at all from before, it has been me changing over to postfix that seems to have caused the grief...

    thanks so much for you advice so far..
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