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    I wonder if there are any easy way of converting .eml messages to maildir type. What happens is that I am a Windows user and am trying to set up another mail server (this time) running on Ubuntu Server with Postfix and Dovecot IMAP Server.

    My current mailserver runs hMailServer (which is a great software to use) on Windows XP Pro. But because it's aging now, so I get a new server machine and decided to run Linux-based OS namely Ubuntu.

    I do a regular backup of all my users's emails on a monthly basis. All the messages are in .eml format.

    To transfer or copy all my current IMAP from hMailServer to Postfix Maildir for all my users, I use imapcopy which is easy to use.

    My concern now is if a user wants to retrieve one of his old emails (namely from the backup archive) and put it into his INBOX (which is in Maildir format), is there an easy way to move it to his INBOX?

    Thank you in advance
  2. falko

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    Can't you put the emails back into your current IMAP server and then copy them over using imapcopy?
  3. said76

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    Hi Falco,

    Yes, I can do that. But the reason why I was asking was that given the current IMAP server running on an old PC, I fear it could die on me anytime. So I'm deciding to stop using it altogether. This is why I am testing the new mail server running on Ubuntu Server. But all the backup that I have been doing is stored on an external HD.

    Therefore I was asking if there is an easier way of converting the emails to maildir format email without using my current mail-server.

    Thank you
  4. falko

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    Take a look here:

    These Perl scripts could maybe help you. For example, you can create a dump of your email messages, and later on you can import that dump again into your IMAP server.

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