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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by foxfirediego, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. foxfirediego

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    How do I restrict users to access one specifc directory like
    instead of /var/www/web3/user/FTP_USER_NAME
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    With proftpd, there is an option to lock the user in his home directory (seek at DefaultRoot).
    The user won't be able to go elsewhere. you can choose the user home directory when you create it with useradd, so the user will be locked into the directory you want him to be locked into but this option apply to all users.

    Be aware that in creating the users with useradd, they'll have a valid shell by default, so they will be able to connect the computer. if you don't want that, use -s option and set the shell to /bin/false.

    Was that what you wanted to know ?
  3. foxfirediego

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    That's actually one solution, but I meant to create users and set their own directory like that:

    But, I don't want user2 touch user3 files.
    Just like in cpanel, when you create one new user, you set his own private path.
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  5. till

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    You can not do this in ispconfig 2 as the users are also used for email. You can e.g. create the linux users manually.

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